The new series LCB includes front loading machines capable of high extracting  and integrated with an electronic self balancing  system (650 rpm – Only for models 220/330) that guarantees a perfect balance in the extracting phase, thus avoiding annoying vibrations affecting the floor and / or the supporting frame of the device.

Thanks to the introduction of this system De Franceschi further increases the reliability of the machines, being able to cut down the extra maintenance costs.

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Solid structure model, with special details that make maximum simplicity to use, allowing to maintain low operating and maintenance costs.

The Machines LCB model (with sanitary barrier) are provided with double door: the first is intended for loading the uncleaned garments, the second one, on the opposite side, for unloading of washed garments.

The machine is built in compliance with all safety regulations of CE.


• Only one driving motor,controlled by inverter which allows adjustment of the drum speed.
• Automatic liter-counter for the exact quantity of water and products.
• Direct steam heating system equipped with pneumatic inox valve.
• Water insertion valve with pneumatic control, completely made in stainless steel.
• Disk breaking system, for basket positioning, after spinning and for emergency brake.
• Drum holding system composed of bearing’s support of high resistance temperature and series of Vitan mechanical seals
• The bearing support sistemi s removable for simple maintenance operation
• Optional: machine provided with ozone generator


Microprocessor color touch screen 7/10”, for controlling all functions of the machine, either manually or automatic.
The microprocessor allows the modem to connect with the tele-assistance De Franceschi, in order to make any changes to the software and machine diagnostics. Provided with outputs for checking the control unit.


3 Compartment rotating basket of AISI 304 adequately perforated, and designed to improve the water exchange between inside and outside of the drum.
All the parts exposed to the water are made of stainless steel.

4 tanks: 2 for powders and 2 for liquids, made of AISI 316, equipped with automatic product dispenser and automatic rinsing system.

The machine can be equipped with double drain.

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LOAD CAPACITY Kg. 110 220 330
Drum volume Lt 1100 2200 3300
Drum diameter mm. 1200 1530 1760
Drum depth mm. 1000 1250 1310
Products tank N°. 4 4 4
Self-balancing system No
Water inlet connection N°2 Dn 32 40 50
Liter-counter Dn 32 40 50
Steam connection N° 1 Dn 20 25 32
Inverter variable speed
Bath drain dimension AISI 316 Dn Dn 100 Dn 150 Dn150
Washing speed rpm 18 / 40 18 / 40 18 / 40
Pre-washing speed rpm 40 / 150 40 / 120 40 / 120
Spin speed rpm 150 / 720 120 / 650 120 / 630
Pneumatic supply Atm. 7 7 7
Power installed Kw. 15 28 32
Steam pressure max. Atm. 8 8 8
Voltage Volts 380 / 400 380 / 400 380 / 400
Frequency Hz. 50 50 50
Microprocessor with colour screen 7” 10” 10
Double face door for load and unload mod. LCB.  Sì  Sì
Width MM 2340 2840 3040
Depth MM 1880 2250 2300
Height MM 2000 2300 2500
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