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Heritage and Innovation

Our History

Beyond Nexia, there are people. A well-matched team always committed to transform vision into solution. Based in Italy, our professionals combine the consolidated experience of De Franceschi in the field of industrial laundry machines with avant-garde technology. Heritage and innovation, together. Two bodies. One soul.

Italian Experience, global warranty

The company

Beyond Nexia, there are skills. More than 20 years of experience in manufacturing machines for cotton garment production and finishing and in particular denim. Over 20 years of research in the field of technological innovation, because Nexia is synonymous with eco-efficiency and sustainability at a global level, with a 100% Italian soul.

Innovation is an opportunity for us and the environment

Looking at the future

Beyond Nexia, there are opportunities. Today innovation means offering sustainable opportunities. This is the reason we are always researching for advanced technologies. Improving the action on the garment means less energy, less water, less costs. And more features, more quality, more time. What a soul needs.

Passion and Competence


Beyond Nexia, there are responsibilities. To manufacture the best washing and dyeing systems for finishing garments with low environmental impact, ensuring zero waste, shorter processing times and fewer steps with hot water. Passion and competence, to guarantee maximum performance.
Respecting the environment. And of its soul.

Are you interested in our product?

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